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Somewhere along the line, “disruptive innovation” became a buzzy concept in business circles. But disruption, innovation, and defied expectations have long been tools in the artist’s kit. A  priority of these body work in this salon show is to disrupt norms and defy expectations because sameness and the regular is a path I don’t want to tread.

Defying Sameness is a salon show that doesn’t follow a theme, abstracts are juxtaposed with pixelated portraiture [courage series], abstracted cityscapes [Rush Hour] and all these coupled with brutalist acrylic coated sculptures in wood. I strive to create work that engages me and the viewer in a discovery process. The disruption of norms and defiance of expectations often emerge from these exploration processes; however, neither is the initial impetus or the priority.

17 Olu Holloway Road
Flat B7-2 Ikoyi Lagos
Curators: Arnaud and Adeline Berthet
March 2018