Alimi Adewale | Contemporary Nigerian Visual Artist
Alimi Adewale is a contemporary visual artist from Nigeria, working in the field of Painting, Sculpture and Photography.
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Alimi Adewale is a Nigerian artist who uses the medium of painting, sculptures and installations to explore urban issues and the lives of everyday people in cities. His practice combines elements of minimalism and abstraction to evoke the dynamism and intensity of the cosmopolitan environment. Most of his work has a profusion of rich textures and oftentimes an uncommon sculptural finish. Whether utilizing photography and oil paint (Owambe, 2015) or thick lump of oils mediums, ( House of Assembly 2013) that takes years to dry, Alimi mines the endless possibilities of a particular material to introduce an additional dimension into the work: that of time. Imbued with their own mortality, his sculptures cultivate the experiential function of art compared to the traditional African sculptures. Alimi incorporates elements of minimalism and abstraction to create an oeuvre that is distinctly current, and as witty as it is macabre.

Alimi Adewale was born on May 8th ,1974 and he studied mechanical engineering in Ilorin, Nigeria. His growing interest in art was spurred by going to exhibitions. He later developed his extensive knowledge of art after graduating by attending various art workshops across the world.

Since late 2002, Alimi has used his Art to explore and personalize urban issues alluding to the lives of everyday people, which are often neglected in the drive toward excessive urbanization, rapid modern development and the growing global economy.

He had ‘Sublime Exhibition’ at Quintessence Gallery in 2011, commonly acknowledged to have been the launching point for Alimi, where he exhibited the Carnival series, Living Spaces and Urban Congestion series. Alimi describes this series as a means of “pinning down and documenting an era in this city which is eroding due to excessive infrastructure development.”

In 2013 Alimi began work on ‘Who is Afraid of Nudes’, arguably his most famous series. Painting the African woman’s subjugation, her pain, joy, beauty. He said “these women are my country, my country pain, sorrows, the huge natural resources yet citizens are living in squalor.’

In 2013, he unveiled the spectacular, ‘Naked Butterflies’ (2013) an online art exhibition and the first of its kind in Africa. The show was well received by the Art enthusiasts who have challenges attending exhibitions as a result of logistics and traffic congestion in the city. The show allows art lovers to enjoy works in the confine of their homes.

In 2012 Alimi exhibited ‘Anonymous’, a charity exhibition for the EbunOluwa Foundation founded by Chief Mrs. Aino Ternstedt Oni-Okpaku. The foundation is a humanitarian organization and has been offering hope in various homes and centers. The home also provides assistance to abandoned children who are physically and mentally challenged.