Alimi Adewale | Restrictions Exhibition at Just Africa Stockholm
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Restrictions Exhibition at Just Africa Stockholm

Restrictions a body of work on how restricted we in the less developed world are in in terms of mobility and migration compared to people in the developed world who can travel anywhere and whenever.

Just Africa is an urban meeting place at Slussen in Stockholm, where ideas, inspiration and influences from the African continent abounds in a location right in the city getaway. Just Africa consists of a shop and a gallery that shares the premises. Here we are not only selling unique products, offering exhibitions, concerts, events, lectures, etc.

Just Africa is a platform where the African continent, the diaspora and Stockholm can be met through culture, design and fashion. We believe in the equal exchange of thoughts and ideas that makes us richer, happier and better.

9th- 26th March 2017,
Södermalmstorg 4, 116 45 Stockholm