Alimi Adewale | Overpopulation & Urban Congestion
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Overpopulation & Urban Congestion

Physically, Lagos’ territorial expansion is equally on a very fast lane and already creating a burst at the seams. The former outlying villages and their adjoining agricultural lands on the outskirts of Epe, Ajah, Ikorodu, Agbowa and Badagry have been consumed by rapid urbanisation. These areas are no more hinterlands as they used to be; but are colonies of new urban settlements, their deficiencies in infrastructure and basic urban services notwithstanding.

The rate of new developments in the last two decades has been phenomenal. Anywhere one turns to, construction is ongoing. The cityscape is dominated by massive office complexes, high-rise residential buildings, and shopping malls, vest pockets of upscale housing estates, local markets, and amusement parks but with lots of challenges such as waste and sewer treatment, flooding, transportation, noise, smog, heat and electricity.