Alimi Adewale | ECLECTIC: Recent Paintings & Sculptures
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ECLECTIC: Recent Paintings & Sculptures

About Exhibition
Eclectic reflects the artistic need to derive ideas, style and taste from a broad and diverse range of sources; experimentation, and new and varied sources of inspiration, are essential for artists trying to forge a new path- or just as an antidote for Artist’s block.

This exhibition looks beyond my ‘regular’ or ‘normal’ realm or society, as well as taking me into new materials and approaches to my work. In part, the Artist unlearning how to paint, unlearning how to draw, so innocence and untethered inspiration can spring forth – some sense of truth reflected in the seemingly erroneous. In part, an embracing of new materials – “The material world” – symbolised by all things big and shining. The use of such materials, a new thing for me, is not however aimed at evoking ‘big’, ‘shinning’ or sensationalist emotions but rather at drawing out the subtle, even paradoxical emotions reflected in everyday objects.

All the materials used in this body of work were sourced around the studio; our ability to interact with the world in general, and with art in particular, cannot be separated from the conditions of our lives. Just as a body is the vehicle for life, art objects embody ideas and experiences. Each encounter with a work of art, for both the artist’s the viewer, is influenced by context, mood, circumstance, location, and state of mind. We construct meanings that shift and change over time. Yet at the same time, individual’s sense, experience and interpret the world through our interaction with physical and material objects- it is the material manifestation of works of art which provide a window into an art works embodied meaning – Art engages our senses via materiality.

Martin Heiddeger   states:

“The art work is, to be sure, a thing that is made, but it says something other than the mere thing itself is, . The work makes public something other than itself; it manifests something other; it is an allegory. In the work of art something other is brought together with the thing that is made.”

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Quintessence Gallery, Plot 69 Admiralty way Lekki.


September 20, 2014