Alimi Adewale | Anonymous
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About Exhibition
I see a stranger who’s eyes I remember. Warm and trusting eyes Who are you and where have you been? It seems ages since I’ve seen those eyes. I see a stranger who’s eyes I remember- Anonymous

Anonymous is a body of work that culminates from the fascination of everyday life in Lagos, the people the lifestyle, the spirit and the energy. Las Gidi as Lagos is called by Nigerians in Diaspora is a city with endless possibilities and there’s plenty to be inspired from in a city of 16 million everyday faces tightly packed inhabitants.

Lagos with teeming anonymous and its carnival frenzy that induce happiness for its masses in the midst of squalor is the ultimate expression of modern urban living? Which by 2015 is predicted to be the third largest city behind Mumbai and Tokyo .

Lagos with its vast resources its infrastructure is appalling couple with urban congestion but the Lagosians are a breed apart. Millions of quick-witted economic migrants have created a city characterised by personal ingenuity and entrepreneurship. Nothing is wasted, everything is a commodity.

Please enjoy these series.


Quintessence Gallery, Falomo shopping centre Ikoyi


June 2, 2012